Month: September 2020

ACEs Adverse Childhood Experiences

I have made no secret of the fact that I grew up with an alcoholic father. This means that the entire family, yes, including the extended family, was a maze of enabling behaviors. My childhood was almost entirely lost to this phenomena – which makes me very attentive when someone mentions ACEs.

Angi on Twitter spoke on ACEs severally and after a while, I had to stop and pay attention. Continue reading

Internet Strangers can Be Lifesavers

So, we are back! How have you been?

It has been over 3 months without a post. No writing and no reading.

Isn’t it interesting how times of high confusion and lack of clarity about the future paralyze our brains? Routines are known to be good for our well-being – daily constants that enable our brains to relax knowing: “we know what’s coming”.

In COVID19 times, our routines were disrupted in ways that throw the brain off balance. Sometimes, all we can do is relax in the roller coaster and find ways to cope. Daily.

That’s what I did. How did you cope? Continue reading

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