About Us



Growth Catalysts was founded in 2018 with the Mission To Inspire and Support those who have experienced Trauma or/and are Recovering from any of the many Mental illnesses

Growth Catalysts recognize that the the society is undergoing a Transformation that creates Complex Intersections  of Challenges and Triggers.

We are part of the Social Networks and Community Based Movements that advocate for Mental Health and Trauma Awareness

We Participate and Contribute to Initiatives that drive the Prioritization of Mental Health and Trauma Awareness in Government Budget, Employers Policy, Conversations in Society and Family Engagements.

 Growth Catalysts Goals

Aim to improve living-conditions by making treatment and social support readily available to all.

  • Living Full Lives
  • Unlearning Habits and Coping Mechanisms Conditioned into us by Trauma
  • Relearning New Habits and Coping Mechanisms
  • Empowering ourselves and everyone we engage with by:
    1. Practicing what we Relearn
    2. Sharing Skills with our Social Network
    3. Consciously Associating with people that are Support Systems

The Vision

A Society that is Trauma and Mental Health Aware

The Main Goal

To save Lives and Improve the Quality of Life

To Visualize Mental Illness as the Life Transformation it can be - if Empathy, Treatment and Support are offered in time.

We believe that Visualizing Mental Illness as a Life Transformation will reduce the misinformation surrounding mental illnesses. Misinformation exacerbates the stigma associated with mental illnesses. Reduced Stigma encourages and increases humane treatment and shame-free social-support for the mentally ill.


We believe in Ubuntu, as supported by the Pay-It-Forward principle.


That we are all connected and, therefore, we are each other’s keeper.


In the process of restoring our health and re-building our lives during and after suffering from mental illness, we are by nature, our neighbor’s support-system.


Every one of us has the capability, the capacity and the opportunity to inspire, motivate and support another person in the process of restoring their health and re-building their lives after suffering a mental illness.


We all need to be aware of our own and each other’s mental wellbeing, as we are of each other’s physical wellbeing.


Goal 3 - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Goal 4 - Quality education

Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

Goal 10 - Reduced inequalities

Goal 11 - Sustainable cities and communities


The Growth Catalysts methodology is based on the Pay-it-Forward principle.

Focused on helping and supporting others, during emotional and psychological difficulties.


Those who can pay for the services are encouraged to pay in order

to support the basic costs of running the organization.


Those who cannot afford to pay are encouraged to pay later, when they can,

or Pay-It-Forward.


All profits are re-invested into the organization - after bills and salaries are paid

– to improve and expand the services offered by Growth Catalysts.


During the program, support, guidance, counseling, educative sessions

and follow up are included.

As need be depending on individual needs.

Professional help is recommended for those who are unable to self-help due to severe illness.

The program is adjusted to fit individual needs – the duration is therefore different for every individual.