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I am a people-person with over 10 years experience in leadership, people management and personal development. People come first.

I grew up surrounded by adults with poor mental-health, and who were unfortunate enough to receive very little, or no help to enable healing.

Therefore, I have spent most of my private life researching mental health and mentoring young-adults and adults who have been affected by mental illnesses during the course of their lives.

I believe that a background with mental illness can limit most people. Even the strongest of us. This is due to the trauma and stigma associated with mental illnesses meaning people with great potential may never reach their full potential in society.

I also believe that mentoring, accompanied with systematic, structured support systems, can save lives and help direct energy into empowering endeavors that can add value in society.

2 Important Trauma Awareness Conversations from June

In the Trauma awareness conversation  in June, the most challenging social media conversations were:

  1. The discovery of Indigenous children – students of Canada’s residential Catholic schools, mostly catholic schools
  • What kind of trauma has the indigenous community in Canada endured due to the loss of so many of their children?
  • How did the indigenous communities mourn their lost children, community and culture?
  • Has there been reparation activities and conversations directed at healing the indigenous communities?

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