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2 Important Trauma Awareness Conversations from June

In the Trauma awareness conversation  in June, the most challenging social media conversations were:

  1. The discovery of Indigenous children – students of Canada’s residential Catholic schools, mostly catholic schools
  • What kind of trauma has the indigenous community in Canada endured due to the loss of so many of their children?
  • How did the indigenous communities mourn their lost children, community and culture?
  • Has there been reparation activities and conversations directed at healing the indigenous communities?

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This book was an impulse read as I am trying to read as many African writers as I can lay my hands on. Especially female writers. From it’s beginning in the impoverished, chaotic township of Mufakose, the book of memory is both entertaining and engaging. Memory, an albino child, feels isolated, stared at, feared, misunderstood but also loved by her siblings and her father.

As a Kenyan, parents taking their children to witch doctors is not shocking for me. Neither are visits to fortune tellers, healers or shamans. This is day-to-day child care. Prayer sessions in different Pentecostal churches is a way both to heaven, to riches or to happines Continue reading

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